Through the ages artists have been inspired by the every day things that most of us take for granted.  They have given us pictures to think about and a history of information.  Original portraits by John Genuard are done in the classic style.  Portraits can be created in pencil, oil or acrylic paint.  Murals are done either directly on the wall or painted on a wall covered with canvas.

Artist Bio

As an artist I have always enjoyed the creative process.  Seeing something that interests me and the ability to capture it and share it with others is extremely gratifying.  What drives me is the demand to see myself as a classic artist, adhering to the standards of the old masters but enjoying the modern mediums such as acrylic paint.  I studied commercial art at Pratt Institute, but always enjoyed fine arts above all.  I also studied fine arts at the New York Academy of Art, the Brooklyn Museum Art School, Andrew Reiss Art Classes and the Boca Raton Art School.  My thoughts about art are not so much for the detail but much more for capturing the feeling of the subject.  Portraits either in oil or acrylic paints on canvas.  Portraits usually take one to three days to complete.  Acrylic paint is dry to the touch in less than one half hour and can be framed within two days of completion.



This painting was very challenging due to the lighting effect that is coming up from the floor. Acrylic painted on canvas, 16" x 20".